One simple word changed the world.

Sovereign exists to fulfill the grand mission of Jesus Christ.

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

Seven Continents. Five Oceans. One Mission.

From the first day we knew what we wanted to do... 

From the very beginning, Sovereign was born with the purpose of bringing the hope and rescuing power of Jesus Christ throughout the earth.

Our strategic goals have been focused on one thing: to share the amazing, unconditional, unmerited love of Jesus Christ with a fallen world in need of His love and mercy.

We fulfill these goals through the following four areas:

PROCLAIM. We proclaim the wondrous Good News of the love, mercy, and acceptance of Jesus Christ to a lost & dying world.

REVIVE. We revive the believer by stirring & supporting their God-given calling to reach their family & the world as Jesus Christ commanded.

GO. We go into all the world proclaiming the Gospel by giving the every day believer opportunities to serve and use their gifts.


FINANCE. We finance the Gospel by directly supporting missionaries, evangelists, orphanages, & needed infrastructure projects.

At Sovereign, we want to do our part in shaping the world with the powerful, stabilizing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The World is Waiting

Every believer in Jesus Christ has been commanded to share what He has done for them. The life-changing power of the Gospel is never to be hidden or camouflaged. It is to be shouted from the highest points and proclaimed in the lowest valleys throughout the earth. It is only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that can save men's souls, change men's hearts, and transform entire nations into stabilized centers of freedom.

Every believer has a microphone, though not necessarily literal. You have relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors - people with whom you have influence. Sovereign believes that the days of sitting on the pew and waiting for the lost to come are over - it's pretty clear they are not coming. Jesus showed us best how to proclaim His love - get off the pew, out of the buildings and directly into the lives of the people we already have around us.

Go into all the world...Your world starts with your neighbor, your coworker, your friends.

The world is waiting... for you.

It's Time to Look Alive

Speaking of sitting on a pew...

You were never meant to sit and grow old on a pew isolated within the walls of a building. You have not only been brought into the Kingdom of Heaven by God's glorious love for you, He also has a purpose and plan for you after receiving salvation. We can assure you that it's not an ordinary, mediocre plan.

The Gospel does not leave anyone in obscurity and meaninglessness, not in the least.

You were created in the image of God for a reason - to be His ambassador in the earth calling out into the depths of darkness to declare His love and rescue in Jesus' name. It's time to stop sitting, stop waiting, stop giving yourself a pass to settle. It's time to shine, shine with the wondrous love of Jesus Christ. It's time to invade darkness with His light. It's time to get up and make a difference for Christ.

Are you ready? We sure hope so. We've got work to do.

The world is waiting... for you.

For Heaven's Sake, Quit Waiting

For some reason, some of us tend to think that if we allow God to lead us in service for Him that He will make us go to a hut without electricity on the other side of the world to never be heard from again. Actually, He'd like you to start out by walking across the street and displaying His love to your neighbors. The hut may come later but even if it did, it'd be the adventure of a lifetime...

Others don't feel good enough, trained enough, empowered enough, or worst of all - not important enough. We'll just say this, if the God of the universe knows your name and came Himself to die for you we're pretty sure you're good enough, if He has saved your soul then you're clearly called and qualified. The point is, don't worry about a title or for some other person to see something in you that God has placed there. If the Lord has saved you then He has called you to service.

Quit waiting for someone else to make the first move, quit waiting for your church to do something more, quit making excuses about time and money - just get moving. The Lord is the way maker and we're here to help encourage and help you network with other believers already in the field.

Are you ready to get moving? Are you ready to "go" in whatever form that may be?

We sure hope so. The world is waiting... for you. 

Our Treasure is Changed Lives

We directly support missionaries, evangelists, orphanages, evangelistic projects, and infrastructure projects - works that promote the growth of the Kingdom throughout the earth.

There are far too many men and women called to service but find it difficult to serve because they are forced to choose between financial solvency or their calling - this ought not be so.

Sovereign exists to be a beacon of Christ's hope in these situations.

Our financial supporters, aptly called Friends of the Gospel, enable us to fulfill our mandate of preaching the Gospel throughout the earth.

If you have a God-given vision to see His name throughout the earth and need a little direction or if you have a desire to find out more about our work please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Just remember this, the Lord wants people reached even more than we do. He'll provide, the main thing is to get moving, get started, and even if you don't know a starting point call us, with God's great help we'll figure it out - together.

Regardless, get moving.

The world is waiting... for you.

"We will preach this Gospel on every continent. We will preach to the north and south of the equator and to the east and west of the prime meridian. Yes, we will preach this Gospel all over the world."


- Mark Smith, Our President


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