Key Facts:

- Founded in 2012 by Nicholas and Elizabeth Davoren and Mark and Erin Smith. 

- Sovereign is a United States (Arkansas) based non-governmental organization (NGO) and IRS recognized tax-exempt non-profit charity.

- Sovereign is a non-denominational, Christ-based aid and evangelistic organization. We affiliate with many ministries, churches, and a wide array of denominations and traditions but Sovereign itself does not adhere to one specific denominational system but rather focuses on what unites the body of Christ - that Jesus Christ alone is the hope of the earth and the only way of salvation through faith in His name made available by God's great mercy and grace. 

- We have supported multiple mission efforts throughout multiple continents. We currently are focused on the Far East and the United States but certainly are open to wherever the Lord may lead. 

- At present, our ministry focus in based on two fronts: First, present the Gospel to as many people as possible through as many methods as possible utilizing technology to scale our efforts much easier and faster. This includes domestic and foreign aid and the preaching and presentation of the Gospel. Second, we believe far too many Christians both young and old want to be in service to the Lord but simply don't know what to do or how to go about it. We want to encourage and support, even revive, these believers into a powerful army that turns entire cities and regions upside right with the Gospel of Jesus Christ - just as we see in the book of Acts. 

Any believer in Jesus Christ who is not comfortable with the status quo will find a friend and like-minded heart in Sovereign. 


No corner is too dark, no distance is too far - we exist to know Him and make Him known.